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Who is behind this journey

Sajana By Shagun

The founder of "Sajana By Shagun" is Ms. Shagun Gaba. At the present moment, When we all stick out to Social media for enjoyment, Shagun used this as a path for work.

At the age of 23 while doing her job,she decided to quit and thought to start something by herself and that is when she founded Sajana by Shagun. This wasn’t planned as a carrier untill people started showing interest.
A successful women doesn’t want any Support because she herself is a whole package and she proved it very well.

Now a Small Instagram page grew into a Website. Giving her days and night to bring out that happiness whenever you open your box of happiness from Sajana by Shagun.

Our main goal is to provide you High quality and super fine Jewellery to all without drilling a whole in one’s pocket She is so grateful that she decided to quit her job and gave a chance to herself by starting Instagram page to a successful legal business on an E-Commerce platform! And all the credit goes to the support we received from you all.
That’s not all she say,
Your future is as bright as you want it to,
Without thinking just Try Try Try ………